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little learnings

little learnings

learning… child #10 took 24 big boy steps today child #9 wore underpants for the first time child #8 learned not to worry about aliens in his bedroom, because mommy said “we don’t have aliens, they’re too expensive” child #7 scoured the yard (of his own volition) for trash in protection of the neighbor’s dog … Continue reading

Food Rules

You think you have some pretty stringent food rules.  Listen, I was anorexic as a teen and I assure you, my food rules would have made your food rules blush. My parents took me under their wing and sent me through a God centered food and body image program that changed my life forever.  It … Continue reading

and my heart wells up…

sitting around the dinner table tonight.  candles lit, children hungrily and contentedly eating.  roasted potatoes and carrots, crisp on the outside, bursting with steam.  balsamic glazed chicken, sliced thin with green peas popping at every bite. dimmed lights, music in the backround, my eyes search the two long tables at these gifts around me.  my … Continue reading